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Introduction to the new VMware Horizon Suite

In the past we used to have a device that was given to us by the company we worked for; it was called the desktop. Literally, this device was on our desk and we would get the work done while at it. But as we all know a number of new devices and applications have …

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Horizon Connector BindDN User Error [Fix]

This is more like a quick tip. While setting up Horizon Connector in your environment using a service account, administrators may run into this BindDN user error below.     [FIX] To fix the issue, edit the service account in Active Directory Users and Computer ensuring that the fields First Name, Last Name, and Email …

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Horizon Application Manager 1.5 – Troubleshooting: Logs and Services

Troubleshooting applications can often be a daunting task if you don’t know  where and what to look for. The list below containing the most important log files and few commands to interact with Horizon Application Manager services will definitely help administrators.  Horizon Service Service log file: /opt/vmware/horizon/horizoninstance/logs/horizon.log Horizon Connector Connector service restart (tomcat): /etc/init.d/tcserver-c2 restart …

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