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Crumpled DATA under your mattress (The EUC Drama)

The Edward Snowden case made me think about how organizations are handling data today, and how I’m handling and storing my own personal data. According to Snowden, the NSA’s surveillance programs, which Snowden exposed, allow the government to tap into anyone’s data with the consent from the major cloud players. Edward Snowden went further and …

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Welcome to the new Transient Desktop deployment model

Last week there was lots of attention to my article entitled “Open letter to non-persistent VDI fanboys…”.  There was a wave of comments. Twitter discussions went frantic, and the LinkedIn Desktop Superhero discussion board was the stage for a continued discussion on the subject. After reading the comments and the heated discussions I realized I …

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How to change Horizon View SESparse to VMFSSparse

In my article Clearing up Space-Efficient Virtual Disk questions I explained the most important requirements and constraints when the new SESparse VMDK disk format with Horizon View 5.2. Just in cased you missed it: This new feature requires vSphere 5.1 as well as hardware version 9 for the VMs. The Space Efficient format is only …

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