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Talent Retention in the Virtual World

Are you concerned about retaining your internal virtualization team? You should be! In a tight market, skills and experience in Hypervisors, Storage, VDI, Networking and other related areas are rare and hard to come by. Your predicament is that demand exceeds supply, which is certainly advantageous from an individuals perspective, but can be tough if …

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Unboxing Google Nexus 7 Tablet: Is it that hard?

I have to warn you that this post is a little bit different than my usual VDI, VMware, Cloud and DaaS topics. However, in one way it is still End User Computing . I also decided to join the bandwagon and bought the new Google Nexus 7 tablet with Android Jelly Bean. The buy decision …

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Year Wrap-Up… Welcome 2011

I won’t write a long post to talk about accomplishments, despite it has been a full on year. I just would like to thank all my blog readers and Twitter followers for the continuous support. I wish us all a Great New Year ! Note: Above is what happens in Sydney during NYE.

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