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ESXi 5.0 Enhanced Security Profile

Bloggers have been doing a great job during the past couple weeks and several vSphere 5.0 articles are being published. There is a lot of information floating around and I would recommend to have a peek at this page from from Eric Siebert with vSphere 5 Links. Undergoing my studies for VCP5 Beta at the …

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Increase VDI consolidation ratio with TPS tuning on ESX

In ESX, the VMware Kernel scans the guest physical memory pages randomly with a base scan rate specified by Mem.ShareScanTime, which specifies the desired time to scan the virtual machine’s entire guest memory. The default value for Mem.ShareScanTime is 60 minutes. This means that virtual machines will have their physical memory pages scanned within 60 …

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How to script Datastore Multipathing change using PowerShell

There is a recurring situation that I face whenever I am deploying a new VMware View environment (also applicable to any vSphere deployment) . Due to natural limitations on number of IOPS per datastore (LUN), VMware recommends that you size your datastores for a maximum of 64 virtual desktops. This number could be higher, however …

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