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Valar Morghulis – Myth and Fact of Single Failure Tolerance

When using Single Failure Tolerance there is an extremely high data-loss probability of 0.49% in one year or 1.95% over the 4-year life of a system.

Data Integrity Should Be Taken Very Seriously

By now it is pretty clear that Datrium is one of the only Convergence and/or Storage vendors that has been entirely open about performance, not hiding numbers or gaming performance benchmarks. Check out this article by Ganesh and Dhazi on our real performance numbers… What Separates The Storage Industry’s Men From Boys? Random Writes! or …

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Talking with homelaber.com.br on Datrium and OCI

During VMworld US I has the opportunity to chat in Portuguese with Valdecir Carvalho (@homelaber) from homelaber.com.br. Valdecir has been doing a great job with the VMUG in Sao Paulo, Brazil and was curious about the Open Convergence innovation that Datrium is bringing to the market and in what ways OCI differs from HCI. I had a blast …

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