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Moving Linked Clone VM to different LUN without Data Loss

This week I received an interesting question from a colleague that I had also been asked in the past. However, in the past I was not able to present a good solution for the problem. Let me present the scenario. A VMware View pool of persistent desktops was created and provided to developers using the …

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VMware View Database Sizing

How to size VMware View Composer database is a common customer question and I have recently seen it once again in on of the internal discussion lists. Unfortunately, VMware does not have an official number for View Composer and Event database sizing. However, some of VMware EUC Technical Enablement guys have adopted a ‘standard’ that …

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Reduce Windows Server License count in VMware View

One of the many features available in VMware View 5.1 is the ability to implement VMware View Composer in a Standalone Server. VMware View Composer is the software piece responsible for creating Linked Clone desktops and since VMware View 5.1 can be deployed on a server other than the vCenter Server. Read more about View …

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