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VMware View VDI Flash Calculator v2.9 Released

I have just uploaded Release 2.9 of the online VDI Flash Calculator supporting vSphere 5.1, adding new features and preparing the foundation for next VMware View features.   Release 2.9 – Increased number of allowed VMs per CPU/Core to 20 – Added support for manual CBRC Base % IOP savings – Added support for vSphere …

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VMware View VDI Flash Calculator v2.8.1 Released

I have just uploaded a new release of my VMware View VDI Flash Calculator. This is a minor release that adds support for the newest micro-processors on the market and fixes a few calculation glitches.   Release 2.8.1 – Added support for 12, 16, 20 and  24 core microprocessors – Small bug fixes.     …

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A Guide of How to Buy the Wrong Hardware for your VDI

I have seen this some innumerous times – servers being purchased before the solution is properly architected and sized. I know it seems silly, but it happens more than you think. I decided to demonstrate how bad things can get with a simple example. Not so long ago I helped an organization to size their …

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