Sydney vForum2010 Day1 Video & Wrap up

I just got back home from the second and last day at Sydney vForum2010. The conference was packed with marketing and technical sessions, topped up with a party at the PowerHouse museum, where you can find a original MITS Altair 8800.

The big new attraction this year were the Lab Rooms, hosted all they way from a datacenter in Miami, FL. Despite the 240ms Latency and 8% packet loss PCoIP protocol really demonstrated why it is a winning product and user’s comments were the best as possible.

Total Labs: 1142, Total VMs: 10833

Top 3 Labs:

  1. View 4.5 Install & Configure
  2. vCloud Director Install & configure
  3. vSphere Performance & Tuning

I managed to borrow a Flip from @desktopguy and did some video footage (bit shaky sorry). I didn’t really have much time to record on the 1st day due to my session, keynotes and some customer meetings I had to attend. On the 2nd day I was able to do some more video recording and will soon be publishing the video. For now see below a quick compilation of the 1st day.

Before I go I would like to thank the guys from Intellitek for donating to me the PCoIP ZeroClient I used for my article 10ZiG V9000 Zero Client arrives in OZ. It’s a really cool device for organisations and my home Smile . You will find more information at or


vForum2010 Day1 Video

Sydney vForum2010 Day1 from Andre Leibovici on Vimeo.


Also watch the video from the 2nd Day here

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