SMB is the name of the game

Last week I had the opportunity to talk a little bit about virtualization to IT professionals from the SMB segment at the Kerio Conference. It was a basic presentation enumerating the key technical and operational features provided by most virtualization vendors and some of the key differentiating features provided by the VMware vSphere virtualization stack.

Everything was going fine until I decided to ask how many of those professionals were doing or have used virtualization before. I was surprised by low number of professionals who raised their hands. Probably only 50% of the attendees.

VMware understands the power of this market and has recently announced an aggressive marketing campaign to tackle the SMB market. I never completely understood the power of this market, but now I do. They are millions, if not billions, of small and medium business that could use virtualization to help them to slash capital costs and improve business continuity. Do the math – If these SMB are capable of buying from 4 to 16 socket/licenses this actually become a big business. VMware has made it’s moves and approached the SMBs with VMware ESXi and VMware Go and VMware vSphere Essentials and Essentials Plus.

How to engage with millions of small clients without hiring an army of salesman?

For the same reason coca-cola is everywhere VMware will also win the game on the SMB space. It’s all about partnership with the distributors; the system integrators, OEMers, suppliers, big consulting firms, and more important in this case… the small IT consulting business. They are an army by itself and have the power to spread an idea like no company with big marketing budgets and strategies.

If VMware is capable of correctly utilize the ecosystem of partners to empower those small consulting firms and independent professional we will see VMware everywhere, from medium establishments such as Motels, to the corner shop and grocery store.

Anyway, some photos from the event at the Darling Harbour, Novotel.

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