Service Level Automation for XenDesktop with Nutanix

Yesterday I had the opportunity to present a TED-like talk at the GeekSpeak Tonight Session at Citrix Synergy Conference. The talk was about hyper-convergence and web-scale technologies and how they redefine the way VDI is architected and deployed.

The session was mostly vendor agnostic, where I discussed high level concepts about distributed file systems and web-scale technologies. Sometimes it’s hard to see that it was an agnostic presentation because people automatically fall back to what the company “Nutanix” does, but the same presentation could have been done for other hyper-converged infrastructures and market players.

The only bit that was non vendor agnostic were the last 3 slides. In last 3 slides, I talk about the work that Nutanix is doing with Citrix to enable a full featured service level automation and service level agreement for VDI. This is a very important topic, because we are affectively driving Software Defined Datacenter concepts and being able to apply properties and policies without relying on special hardware configuration, or other groups in the IT organization*.


Software is eating the world!

As we move to a software centric and VM centric world, we start being able to play with different properties that until then were not easily available via simple API queries. Nutanix ha a very powerful API. We are now able to drive Service Level Automations that can be easily triggered by administrators, and in the future users.



Using VM centric “VM Caliber” properties like Replication for disaster recovery, Snapshots for consistency and recovery, Replication Factor (RF) for data availability and reliability, and QoS for performance, Nutanix is able to effectively create a Service Level Agreement that can be applied to individual desktops or groups of desktops.



As an example, the administrator creates a GOLD SLA “you name it” that provides automatic configuration via API for 99.999% Availability with Replication and Snapshots, all happening every one hour. Now the administrator assign that SLA to executive team in the organization.

In another scenario, call center desktops may not require such high availability and a Bronze SLA is selected.

All this configuration should happen in the background without any special requirement, hardware configuration and major team work.  Simple and Beautiful, because what we are trying to do is give the power to administrators to decide what is bets for their VDI environment.

The screenshot below demonstrate a fully integrate Service Level Automation engine built into Citrix XenDesktop Studio**.


Click here to see full XenDesktop Studio screenshot


Important*: This article is NOT a product announcement, rather just a tech preview. Nutanix will soon make an official announcement  on the XenDesktop Studio integration with Nutanix to drive SLAs.

Important**: The implementation and screenshot may change for General Availability.


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