RAID5 versus RAID10 (or even RAID3 or RAID4)

I am not a storage guy and to be honest all this discussion about RAIDs, Spindles, SATA, Flash, blocks and stripes doesn’t really get me. Despite I do have to know how this things work I would like to be able to pick from the shelf the best performance, security and reliability I can get. Please 3 non-interruptive storage system NOW!

This article from Art S. Kagel explains in a simply language for mortals like me why RAID5 should not be the default option when choosing where your data lives.

Conclusion?  For safety and performance favor RAID10 first, RAID3 second, RAID4 third, and RAID5 last!  The original reason for the RAID2-5 specs was that the high cost of disks was making RAID1, mirroring, impractical. That is no longer the case!  Drives are commodity priced, even the biggest fastest drives are cheaper in absolute dollars than drives were then and cost per MB is a tiny fraction of what it was.  Does RAID5 make ANY sense anymore?  Obviously I think not.

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