Project JIGSAW helping to Save the Planet with VMware & HP

I just happen to know that a global supply chain logistics provider from New Zealand has done an amazing effort to help to save the planet.

On September, 29th at 8:30pm, New Zealand was the first country in the world to take part in the global ‘lights out’ event “earth hour”, setting in motion a 24-hour wave of “lights out” events that will follow the sun around the planet.

Not content with simply turning off a few lights, this NZ organisation which I will not mention the name unless authorised, was upping the ante, and shutting down its primary datacenter, and running its entire ICT infrastructure from its DR site.

The ability to failover at the touch of a button, is one of the benefits of “Project JIGSAW”, and is the final piece of a very complex puzzle.

Project JIGSAW demonstrated, that not only were the decision to go “virtual”  fiscally advantageous, it goes a long way to delivering answers to sustainability challenges faced by ICT.

JIGSAW delivers answers that go well beyond what has been traditionally seen in New Zealand to date. The ICT agility now enjoyed by this organisation comes from combination of Virtualised Servers (VMware vSphere), Replicated Data (HP EVA), some very smart software (VMware SRM) and a great team ready to implement the vision.

At 7pm on September, 29th the IT Infrastructure Manager, gave the order “fail over to the DR site”.  From the time the order was given, the goal was to shut down and restart the entire datacenter (of over 120 servers) within 90m mins, to coincide with the start of Earth Hour.

Mission Complete!

I congratulate the IT team for such amazing vision and effort to make it happen.

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