Prism Central and NOS 4.1.4, NCC 2.0.1 and Acropolis – What’s New!

This week Nutanix made Prism Central and NOS 4.1.4 releases available; but also NCC 2.0.1 and Acropolis release 20150616 . These are all maintenance releases, but they have some good improvements for the areas security, reliability, scalability and stability.

In a Nutanix fashion these updates are coming only 2 months after the 4.1.3 release, and also follow the traditional non-disruptive upgrade that customers are already used to. Let’s go straight into the features improvement.


  • Prism Central Scalability

With default memory configuration of 8GB, Prism Central can now support 100 clusters and 10000 VMs (across all the clusters and assuming each VM has an average of two virtual disks). Adding more memory will increase scalability; talk to your SE to understand how Prism Central will scale adding memory. I will soon try to have an article on Prism Central scalability. If you have not seen of used multi-datacenter management with Prism Central find out more about it here.


  • Nutanix Cluster Check (NCC) 2.0.1

NCC 2.0.1 includes two new checks; one for Metro Availability to determine the state of the protection domains used in a Metro Availability configuration; and the second is part of the disk health checks to examine the SSD drive firmware revision level for all SSDs in the cluster and reports if the current level is below, at, or above the recommended revision level.


  • Asynchronous DR with Metro Availability

Now administrators can take local snapshots on a Metro Availability protection domain and replicate them to other (Asynchronous) remote sites. Administrators can also update the Metro Availability protection domain to create snapshot schedules that take local snapshots and replicate them to remote sites.


  • Acropolis Hypervisor Enhancement: Restore VM Locality

When an Acropolis host enters maintenance mode, VMs are live migrated to a temporary host. After the host exits maintenance mode, the VMs are now automatically returned to the original host, eliminating the need to manually move them back. Restore VM Locality also occurs when a failed node is restored on a cluster that was configured with Best Effort High Availability (HA). Learn more about Acropolis hypervisor here.


  • Acropolis Security, Reliability, and Stability

Acropolis hypervisor, version 20150616 is now available from the Support Portal and addresses few vulnerabilities.


  • Hypervisor Support for NX-6035C

NOS 4.1.3 and later support the NX-6035 platform mixed with other blocks in a cluster running the Acropolis, Hyper-V, and ESXi hypervisors.


  • Disk Firmware Upgrade Performance

Nutanix Engineering has significantly improved the performance of the disk firmware upgrade process, so you might observe better results when upgrading.


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