Potomac Regional VMUG Review

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Potomac VMUG. This was the regional VMUG for Washington D.C. and Maryland, and demonstrate how strong both user groups are. The VMUG members and volunteers put on a fantastic show in an amazing location. It’s also nice to see the the VMUG organization is really flourishing and has more than 75,000 member today.



The Location “Nationals Park”



I also too this very nice Panorama 360º photo http://360.io/g6GRR2


I was honored to be invited as the keynote speaker for the event and I opened it talking about VMware’s Infrastructure Layer and VMworld announcements following with an overview of the Access Layer covering the Wanova acquisition, VMware View futures, the VMware Horizon Suite, and Mobile Workforce with Horizon Containers and AppShift.




There was also a VDI Panel Session with VMware Consultants and partners and it was moderated by no one less than Jason Langone. Lot’s of good questions here.




Some more photos:





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