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Good News!

I have received confirmation from John Troyer from VMware Communities Outreach, VMTN Blog and VMware vExperts community that this blog (Virtual Cloud) will be listed under Planet V12n RSS, starting from his next update.

Cloud computing and virtualization as a business are experiencing expressive growth if compared to other IT areas or industries. Despite this growth the market is still immature.

Private or Public Cloud?
What is my scalability now that my VM is on the Cloud?
VMware, Microsoft or Citrix? or Sun?
OVF Standards? Is there interoperability between Clouds?
How to enforce governance on the Cloud?
When and how to transfer workloads between clouds?

These questions and others are yet to be answered by vendors, service providers and specially by user demand.  There is definitely a big hype about these technologies and I am happy to be part of this evolution of the datacenter.

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