Jun 28 2011

PCoIP Network Design Checklist

The PCoIP protocol provides a real-time delivery of a rich user desktop experience in virtual desktop and remote workstation environments. To ensure a responsive desktop, the PCoIP protocol must be deployed across a properly architected virtual desktop network infrastructure that meets bandwidth, QoS, latency, jitter, and packet loss requirements.

Teradici released the 2nd version of their Virtual Desktop Network Design Checklist document. This is a must read document, digging down to Network Requirements, Network Bandwidth, and PCoIP Session Variables.



(click on the image to enlarge)


The document can be downloaded from Teradici Support website or here.


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  1. Gunnar

    I just want to point out to the author that these values are for View 4.6 and prior only. This may not be a big deal now as 4.6 is the latest version, but as future versions are released these measurements change. In any case, please note this. We will be changing this document in the next revision (3) to reflect this as well.

    Gunnar Berger

    BTW: Thanks for all the great posts!

  2. Andre Leibovici

    Thanks for the update. Please feel free to send me any updates to be made public.

  3. Madura Eleperuma


    Is there a guide for View 5.1? or has the PCoIP protocol version not changed from 4.6 to 5.1?

    Can I use this guide to plan for view 5.1 as well?

  4. Andre Leibovici

    @Madura Eleperuma
    With the PCoIP changes implemented in VMware View 5.0 the required bandwidth has once again completely changed. I suggest you read the PCoIP related articles at http://myvirtualcloud.net/?page_id=2270


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