PCoIP Configuration Utility Release – Version 1.0

My colleague Chuck Hirstius @rexremus strikes back, launching version 1.0 of his PCoIP Configuration Utility.

PCoIP Configuration Utility allow users to create personalized PCoIP profiles and apply those profiles to the current PCoIP configuration. Users could setup PCoIP to operate better in LAN or WAN environment; or mimic XenDesktop ICA compression. Additionally, the tool allow users and administrator to monitor PCoIP performance in real-time while connected to the desktops.

The biggest issue still remains it requires disconnect/reconnect in order to apply the new PCoIP profile. According to Chuck there are some potentially promising developments along that path though, so stay tuned.

Well-done, Chuck!


New Features


  • PCoIP Connection Health Monitoring
    • Monitors various PCoIP connection stats and determines an overall health score
    • Health status can be easily determined via the systray icon with states ranging from “green” to “red”
    • A new health status pop-out that shows the metrics being tracked and their current health “scores”
  • Profile Tooltips
    • Hovering over a profile within the “Apply Profile” menu will now show a tooltip with the detailed settings for that profile




  • Session disconnect awareness
    • The utility now detects when there is not an active PCoIP session and when there is not, it enters a  ”sleep” mode that will consume less CPU than the active polling mode. Why burn CPU if there’s no user connected right?
    • Upon re-connection the utility will cleanly reset and resume stat collection in active polling mode. Previously, stats were not properly reset after a disconnection event causing some ugly numbers in the stats pop-out window.





If you want more information or download the tool go to Chuck’s blog at PCoIP Configuration Utility Release – Version 1.0.


This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.



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    • Andreas Zenk on 02/26/2013 at 10:16 am

    I can not find the utility by this link? Is the utility removed?

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