Off Topic: My iPhone 3GS Experience

I have been a loyal BlackBerry user for the last 5 years and 3 days ago I’ve made the move to the new iPhone 3GS. Honestly I was in doubt between Android HTC and iPhone – decided for iPhone. I actually bought two iPhones being one for me and another one for my wife – Vodafone was offering a Best Mate option where we don’t pay any extra penny to talk to each other. Believe it or not I talk a lot to my wife.

I’m sorry for the off-topic post but I have to say that I have love and hate feelings for my new iPhone 3GS.


The Interface
The interface sells the iPhone by itself. It’s easy, intuitive, cool, sleek, addictive and offer seamless integration to the web. I’ve been using a full battery per day (charging occasionally during the day) just because I’ve been playing with the interface.

Great and Numerous Apps
You can find several great application in iTunes store. There several lists on the net about the best application but I decided to list the ones I consider the best one so far.

Google Search (Search)
a2z Pro (Conversion)
Guitar Toolkit (Guitar Tuner and more)
LinkedIn (Social Networking)
Shazam (Audio)
Skype (Communication)
twitterena (Social Networking)
Tap Tap Revolution (Game)
Google Maps (Reference)

O’REILLY provides a good list of the best iPhone apps at

There are apps to connect to VICenter, RDP and VNC however I haven’t tested them as yet. Will update soon.

That’s a great feature. While at home the iPhone will automatically use my wireless network to get to the internet, saving me few pennies. It also work on hot spots where internet is freely available.

The built-in CISCO IPSEC VPN works beautifully.


This is the most critical feature for an ex-Blackberry user. The typing at first is quite difficult but once I you use the device for a little while things start to get easier however I don’t believe iPhone will deliver the same texting experience as Blackberry. If you are an email writing nuts iPhone is not for you.

Screen Fog
Nice name for all the thumb print marks on the touch screen. Not sure if I don’t keep my hands clean enough (LOL) but I find myself always cleaning the touch screen, to the point that I’ve been keeping a small piece of cloth on my pocket. That really annoys me.

I haven’t read the technical specifications but it seems to be that battery does not last long if you are a hardcore user. Maybe Apple should offer/sell a two cell battery or something like that. They might do! iPhone technical specs here.

On the overall I am happy with the cool features provided by the device and I am now on the hunt for new and good applications. Applications are relatively cheap and can be purchased from iTunes with a single mouse or phone click.

I am an easy learner and have already mastered how to use the device however my wife still learning. This tend me to believe that this is not the phone for someone wanting only to make and take calls or a not gadget-friendly person.

Have Fun and Break a Leg


    • Andre Leibovici on 09/12/2009 at 7:08 am

    As part of my iPhone 3GS learning curve I came across a quick and easy solution for the battery problem that I described in my post. Several posts on the NET explain how to save battery. The answer is off course; turn your services off, even 3G if possible. I have disabled, automatic email check, Bluetooth, reduced brightness etc… It looks much better. Apparently Apple sells a battery power pack to increase battery life.

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