Nutanix PRISM Central Demo Video (multi-datacenter management)

Nutanix PRISM Central is a single-stop shop for every Nutanix administrator. PRISM Central consolidates all Nutanix clusters across all data centers into a single intuitive user interface that combines information about storage, hypervisors and VMs; a single-pane-of-glass to manage multiple data centers.

PRISM Central avoid administrators from having to sign individually to every Nutanix cluster while providing aggregated cluster health, alerts and historical data. Administrators are effectively able to manage all Nutanix clusters from the same UI.

I recently re-imaged couple Nutanix clusters in my lab and I decided to record few deployment aspects because there’s nothing like watching a real-life demonstration.


(Watch in Full-Screen 1080p)


If you are interested in other videos I recommend the following:


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  2. […] Nutanix PRISM Central Demo Video (multi-datacenter management) […]

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  4. […] Nutanix PRISM Central Demo Video (multi-datacenter management) […]

  5. […] Nutanix PRISM Central Demo Video (multi-datacenter management) […]

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