Nutanix Native Backup & Replication Demo Video (DR Management)

Nutanix has built-in a VM-Centric, multi-site, bi-directional, multi-topology backup and replication engine that supports VMware Site Recovery Manager, Run Book Automation tools and application consistent snapshots. The replication uses incremental and fine-grained byte-level data transfers with intelligent data compression, eliminating network and storage resource throttle.

In my previous video I demonstrated how it is possible to easily failover and failback a virtual machine between sites (Disaster Recovery – Failover and Failback with Nutanix). The video in this post demonstrate how fast and simple it is to configure the native DR options in Nutanix.



Protection Domain – A protection domain is a group of VMs to be backed up locally on a cluster or replicated on the same schedule to one or more local or remote clusters. A protection domain on a cluster is in one of two modes:

Active: Manages live VMs; makes, replicates, and expires snapshots.
Inactive: Receives snapshots from a remote cluster.

Consistency Group – A consistency group is a subset of VMs in a protection domain. All VMs within a consistency group for that protection domain will be snapshotted in a crash-consistent manner. For all VMs in a consistency group, a snapshot creates one snapshot for all VMs in the group.

While when operating DR via PRISM UI we have such concepts as protection domains and consistency groups for VMs, under the cover all operations are done at a file and vDisk level, enabling true granularity to what and how each disk should be snapshoted or replicated. It is possible to operate individual components via nCLI, but this is a subject for a different article.


This video demonstrate how fast and simple it is to configure native backup and replication from scratch with Nutanix.


[Watch in 1080p Full Screen]


If you are interested in other videos I recommend the following:


Please note that this feature is not a replacement for advanced backup management tools like Veeam, CommVault and others. As an example, Veeam Backup & Replication v7 offers Superior Disaster Recovery, Synergistic Replication, Instant VM Recovery and many other advanced features.
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    • Sandy Bryce on 07/01/2014 at 2:18 pm

    What about active/active stretch cluster? What are the latency requirements for Nutanix clusters? Could Nutanix storage be stretched over distance with 10gb links and sub 1ms latency? How granular can the snapshots be?

  1. Sandy, today active/active stretched cluster is not supported, but it’s on the roadmap. For backup/replication the RPO is 60 minutes in NOS 4.0, but it’s drastically coming down in 4.1.

    • Sandy Bryce on 07/02/2014 at 1:00 am

    Thanks Andre, a bit late for us Im afraid but we are definitely keeping an eye on Nutanix’s progress. 🙂

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