Nutanix Hypervisor Cluster Upgrade in 1 Minute

I am currently in Italy as part of an EMEA tour to visit customers, partners and attend Dell FRS in Copenhagen. This is the 3rd night and the jet lag is not yet easing on me – it’s now approximately 4am and I cannot sleep anymore. What to do?

– Well, why not upgrade my US-based Nutanix cluster from ESXi 5.1 to 5.5?


By now you probably know that Nutanix provides non-disruptive one-click upgrade for the Nutanix OS, hypervisors, drive firmware, and NCC (more options coming…). However, have you actually seen the upgrade process? I recorded my cluster upgrade and condensed the video in 1:30 min.

What I would like you to understand is that there’s plenty of complexity in automating datacenter operations that normally could take hours, days and maybe require service outages. Nutanix has this amazing ability to turn complex tasks into simple one-click operations that utilize the native distributed architecture to execute operations in a non-disruptive rolling fashion. Our main objective is to provide consumer like experience to enterprise datacenter operations.


Please watch it in FullHD 1080p, it’s only 1 minute.


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  1. Cool. How do you get software to the block? Does it get downloaded automatically once you start the upgrade? I have seen that you have “Enable Automatic Download” check box checked? Can the software be pre-downloaded? What do you prefer?

  2. blaf071, the new release is automatically downloaded from the cloud and non-disruptive installation starts upon click. For dark sites, without internet connectivity, there is an option to simply upload the payload and initiate the upgrade.

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