.NEXT 2016; Bigger and Better Nutanix Innovation…. and XFiles!

Its been less than a year since Nutanix’s very first user conference in Miami with close to 1000 attendees. A great milestone for our company and since this time we have grown exponentially and with huge steps in market penetration.

The event provided Customers and Partners not only content rich sessions on the existing technology and options but insight and previews into functionality and products on our roadmap. Most features present on Nutanix products today have been announced and demonstrated in some shape or form during the 2015 conference – things like cross-hypervisor DR, analytics with runaway timelines, and the one-click hypervisor switch.


No Tech Conference is complete or deemed a success, without the obligatory parties… It was awesome to catch up with members of the community and a great time was had by customers, partners and media alike.  Fond memories of drinking tequila shots at a Mexican bar with Sudheesh (yes, our president), customers and partners. It will become a .NEXT tradition! It sure was a time to be remembered.


I’m excited to announce that it’s now time for .NEXT 2016 and this one is bigger, better and badass! I can’t wait for you all to preview our newest technology and innovations.I say that with conviction, because I’ve been helping with aspects of the conference, including the anxiously awaited main stage demos.

I’ve been to many tech conferences, VMworld, Cisco Live, EMC World, Sapphire etc…and all are valuable to connect to the Vendors, Tech and Community. We appreciate you have a choice! It’s no secret that larger incumbent Vendors have struggled to innovate to meet market forces and customer needs. We are happy to offer you a new choice; join Nutanix at .Next a game changing company who is defying tech giants and helping to define the future of the enterprise datacenter along with our many tech partners. If I could go to a single tech conference for the entire year, that would have to be .NEXT – but then again, I’m probably biased here.

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“Speakers make or break a conference”

The speakers’ line-up looks amazing, with speakers including Dr. Robert M. Gates (Former Secretary of Defense), Mark Leslie (Veritas Founder), Mark Templeton (Former CEO Citrix), Sarah Sled (UX Research at Facebook), Stu Miniman (Wikibon) and many more from companies like Intel, Dell, Citrix, Veritas, Lenovo, Pinterest, Nasdaq, together with many of our customers, partners and employees (we call them Nutants!). Also a special participation from David Blaine who says he will make infrastructure invisible! Check out all the speaker here.


Here is the invitation from our CEO Dheeraj….


Now Let’s talk about the breakout sessions! It is hard for me to start picking the sessions I think you should attend, but if I had only 5 slots for sessions here are my favorite ones based on content and presenters.


Nutanix: Product or Platform? – Nutanix technology has evolved beyond a point product solution. Today’s leading datacenter architects are leveraging Nutanix as an extensible platform, upon which they are designing, building and running all variety of datacenter services and applications. Come see the best way to get the most out of your Nutanix investment, and get a glimpse of the most popular third-party services validated for your Nutanix environment. (One of the beauties of Nutanix is that it is being adopted for use in DevOps and application integration because of the extensive set of API’s to manage the infrastructure and workloads. This is a must attend session for partners looking at integration, or for customer who like to automate the hack of it – here).


Databases Love Nutanix – This session will show you how to run virtualized Tier 1 SQL Server and Oracle databases on Nutanix with the highest level of performance, always-on availability, and near-zero RPOs at nearly any scale. A Nutanix solutions engineer and experienced administrator will outline best practices for implementing and getting the best performance from your databases on Nutanix infrastructure. (Nutanix top customers have been running the most demanding databases on Nutanix for a while now and this is an opportunity to learn what should be considered to migrate your critical databases – I think it’s Michael Webster who is presenting this session – here and here).


Nutanix Puts the I in VDI – This technical session will provide real-world information on how to properly size, build, and configure the right Nutanix-based infrastructure for any VDI or virtual app environment, including Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp and VMware Horizon View deployments. A Nutanix engineer and a virtualization expert discuss how to pick the right platform and architecture to support any type of user, including non-persistent desktops, power users and graphic-intensive desktops. Get expert advice on leveraging Nutanix integration with key technologies and products, such as VCAI, ODX and XenDesktop Studio. (I have my heart into this sessions as it will also cover the integration between XenDesktop and AHV. Maybe in a far distant day we will have Horizon View integrated with AHV – customer must put pressure on VMware!! – I think it’s Kees Baggerman who is presenting this session – herehere and here).


Lock it Down with Nutanix Security – In this informative technical session, a Nutanix security expert will provide deep insight into the latest security advancements engineered into the Nutanix platform, and explain how these can be leveraged to build the most secure environments for your applications and data. Join this session to learn security’s best practices, and ask questions relevant to your organization. (We have been saying that AHV is the most secure hypervisor by default, and counts with tools to keep compliance up-to-date – this is a must attend session to every organization concerned about infrastructure security – here, here and here).


Don’t Leave Bare Metal Workloads Behind – This exciting session will detail groundbreaking technology that – for the first time – will allow bare metal applications to run in a Nutanix hyperconverged environment, and get the same simplified management, scalability and fast performance as virtualized workloads. Learn how to break down isolated storage silos, streamline overall life-cycle management for all of your applications and data, and say goodbye to your SAN array once and for all. (this one is a giveaway… I cannot comment anymore on this).


…and just one more

Healthcare Panel – Finally, if you are one of our many customers or prospects in the healthcare space you should attend a panel being moderated by me. Nutanix platform is currently helping healthcare organizations across the globe running the most important and business critical EHR and PACS/VNA systems in the world, such as Epic, MEDITECH, AllScripts, Cerner, McKesson, eClinicalWorks, MERGE, Intelerad, Fuji and others. (The session has not yet been added to the agenda, but keep tuned! – here)




The .NEXT “X-Files” session had a phenomenal start in 2015. This is the session where Nutanix engineers themselves demonstrate the most innovative “things” they are working on. What they demonstrate in this session are mostly prototypes that may or may not be part of a Nutanix product. For those looking way forward as to what Nutanix will deliver over the next few years, this is the session to attend. There is only a small problem, this is a closed doors session and you must have been invited. If you are one of the lucky ones, Congratulations!!



Unconference Track – If you like community-based sessions the ‘Unconference’ is a must attend. Industry experts, thought-leaders and community members who enjoys geeking out on all things web-scale will be sharing their unique technical know-how. This sessions tend to be very popular!


Finally, .NEXT has style – The Wynn, Las Vegas! – IMO one of the best hotels in Vegas.




As I write this post the sponsors line-up is already looking amazing and will only get better…


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