News about the APAC Virtualisation Roundtable

It’s been three full on months since we started the APAC Virtualisation Roundtable on February, 3rd as an open community call. We have had every week different guest speakers talking about a range of topics, covering cloud, network, VDI, virtualisation, tools and certifications.

The guests were amongst the most knowledgeable professionals on their fields of expertise and included: Steve Chamber, Duncan Epping, David Wakeman, Michael Harris etc…

I was very fortunate to get unconditional support from the virtualisation community members like Alastair Cooke (@DemitasseNZ and who was willing to help to host the roundtable and align guest speakers. Also, most recently Rodney Haywood (@rodos and who is about to host his first roundtable on June, 30th. Not to mention all the people who join the call every week.

In recent weeks the recorded podcasts were downloaded over 240 times. This is an increase of 545% over the initial 44 downloads. The number of online users during the call has also been increasing. We are definitely growing as a community and we all should be very proud of our achievement.

Maybe soon we can organise a APAC vBeer gathering.

Anyway, I here to announce that we are changing the roundtable from weekly to fortnight basis. With this change we expect to have more time to properly align guests, better support the call and find more time for our families. Yes, we also have a life out of the cybernetic world!

This change is not definitive and we might revert back to a weekly basis if we can find some additional support to organise and host the podcasts.

Some of the scheduled sessions are:

05 May – XenDesktop (Host: Alastair Cooke)
19 May – Veeam (Host: Andre Leibovici)
2 June – Powershell with Alan Renoulf and Friends (Host: Alastair Cooke)
16 June – Cloud with Rodney Haywood (Host: Andre Leibovici)
30 June – soon… (Host: Rodney Haywood)

If you are a community member and would like to help the APAC Virtualisation Roundtable hosting a topic every so often please contact me at @andreleibovici or Alastair Cooke at @DemitasseNZ.

If you are an organisation and would like to support the APAC Virtualisation Roundtable in any other way please contact me at [email protected] or @andreleibovici.


If you have not yet joined the APAC Virtualisation Roundtable, what are you waiting for?! We run the call every 2 weeks on Wednesday nights at 9pm Sydney time. For more information go to or .


  1. Great to hear about the success of the APAC Roundtable podcast! Keep up the great work!

  2. @rbrambley
    Thanks Rich! Be aware that we are also tuned at VIRTUmania!!

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