New XenDesktop VDI Calculator

Due to the success of the original VDI Flash Calculator (now View VDI Calculator) I am releasing the first generation of the XenDesktop VDI Calculator.

The XenDesktop VDI Calculator is built on top of the same solid and field proven algorithms used on the original View VDI Calculator. The hypervizor of choice is vSphere and the desktop delivery mechanism if MCS (Machine Creation Services). I am already working on PVS (Provisioning Services) for a next release.

For this release not only terms and nomenclature were changed, but formulas to calculate storage footprint and the overall VDI architecture have also been optimized for XenDesktop. XenDesktop 5 and 5.5 are supported in this release.

All features inherent to vSphere 5.0 such as 3D have been preserved and can be added to the calculations. Refer to vSphere 5.0 New .vswp file & Storage Tax on VDI for specific information on those topics.




Amongst many features this release include:

– Support for multi-core hosts
– Support for 32 bit display resolutions
– Support for vSphere 5.0
– Support for 3D
– Support for calculation of Pooled and Dedicated desktops
– Support for MHz per VM
– Support for VM Swap files in local storage
– Support for Delivery Controller High Availability
– Support for IOPs calculation based on Workload IOPS, RAID Type and Read/Write ratio
– Support for calculation of virtual machine memory overhead
– Support for use of VM memory reservation
– Support for Hypervizor memory overhead
– Support for VM memory overhead
– Support for Host calculation based on Desktop State when Not in Use (On, Suspend, Power Off)
– Support for Storage calculation based on Desktop State when Not in Use (On, Suspend, Power Off)


The XenDesktop VDI calculator can be found at Alternatively, go to my blog homepage and select XenDesktop VDI Calculator on the top bar.

Your feedback is always welcome!


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