New vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon View (V4V) Tech and Video

During VMworld Barcelona 2013 VMware announced the bundling of vCenter Operations Manager with the Horizon View Suite, at no additional cost. In my opinion this awesome given that vCOps has helped me to troubleshoot View deployments numerous times.


vCOPS offers performance and operations management for deployments of any size, production monitoring, advanced problem warning, faster time to resolution and complete infrastructure coverage. The new vCOPS 5.8, also announced during VMworld, uses intelligent operations with policy-based automation, where the automation engine is self-learning and regulates and drives remediation actions continuously.

  • Intelligent Operations – capacity management optimization, machine learning incidence avoidance and resolution, dynamic thresholds
  • Policy-based Automation – self-learning automation engine, automated policy enforcement
  • Unified Management – converged management (server-storage-network)


The new vCOPS for Horizon View integration (V4V) has improved scalability and support to multiple View instances due to a complete software architecture overhaul. In version 1.0 there was a single View Adapter Server that was responsible for collecting the View Topography, View Events and Desktop metrics connecting to each individual desktop using WMI calls, then it would also be responsible for sending the updates to the vCenter Operations Servers via Http posts. The remote WMI calls to the desktops were very expensive from time, network and cpu cycles perspective. I previously wrote about it at New VMware vCOps for Horizon View 1.5 Architecture DeepDive.

The video below demonstrates the power of V4V (vCOPs for View) user, session and infrastructure dashboards, PCoIP Statistics, Adapter Status and Custom Dashboards. Have fun!


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    • Matt on 10/24/2013 at 10:02 am

    Can you clarify if you still have to buy vCenter Operations Manager and which version of it you need to buy?

    Also, the vCOPS for View plugin is free with “Horizon Suite” not “Horizon View” correct?

  1. @Matt, yes, vCOPS for View plugin is free with the Horizon Suite. As for vCenter Operations Manager I believe there will be a SKU that will provide it for free. However I don’t have visibility yet. I suggest you talk to your VMware Account Manager.

    • Dave Wooten on 11/12/2013 at 8:55 am

    vC Ops for Horizon View is a self-contained packaging of vC Ops Mgr and the View extensions. V4V is now available as part of Horizon Suite in addition to stand-alone View installations. V4V is licensed for the View users you are monitoring, and is packaged with specific releases of each for compatibility. The latest version, V4V 1.5.1, is packaged with vC Ops Mgr 5.7.2 for example (as of this posting).
    -Dave Wooten
    V4V Product Manager

  2. David, thanks for sharing the info.


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