[New Release] Alfred Workflow for Nutanix v1.0.6

I am releasing a new version of my Alfred workflow for Nutanix. In case you have missed my initial blog post check it out here. In the blog post you will understand how to install and use the workflow to allow you to execute administrative tasks on your Nutanix cluster using MacOS Spotlight.

If you already have the Alfred Workflow for Nutanix installed you workflow will self-update to the latest release.


Current features:

  • Search cluster, hosts and vms
  • View cluster, host and vm properties and state
  • View hosts and vm alerts
  • Snapshot vm
  • Power on/off vm
  • Enter/Exit host maintenance mode



  • Added new color-coded cluster, host and vm icons based entity state

ahv_alert ahv_amber ahv_on







  • Added new shortcut to access NTNX GET context menu without typing









  • Added cluster-hosts option to display only hosts that belong to the cluster










  • Added option to enter and exit host from maintenance mode. When this option is selected all virtual machines in the host all live-migrated to other hosts. (this feature is only available for AHV clusters)












  • Added support for vSphere clusters
  • Implemented automated deployment for necessary Python packages.

*** important *** to enable the workflow to automatically download the packages you must run the following command using OS X terminal “pip install –user -U pip“.


To download the LATEST version for manual install click here.


This article was first published by Andre Leibovici (@andreleibovici) at myvirtualcloud.net.

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