New Nutanix ToR Switch and OpenDaylight Integration

Hyper-convergence bundles multiple parts of datacenter infrastructure into a single, optimized computing solution unit. Generally speaking most hyper-converged solutions on the market today include compute, storage, and management software for automation and orchestration. These solutions allow enterprises to utilize a simple modular building block of commodity hardware that provide linear scale-out architectures with predictable performance. However, hyper-convergence goes well beyond storage and compute. For that reason Nutanix is deeply invested in making networking first-class citizen in the stack.

Host networking is already part of the Nutanix architecture and is managed by Acropolis (the new control plane) for KVM hypervisors; however Nutanix is now extending networking management and monitoring to the entire network stack in your datacenter. This will be a multi-step and multi-release effort that will bring management and control of datacenter’s networks to the Nutanix virtual environment, including full utilization of SNMP, CDP, LLDP and OpenDaylight, adding network programmability to enable SDN and NFV for networks at any size and scale. The NOS 4.1.3 release will already deliver PRISM integration with top of rack (ToR) switches using SNMP and CDP; with the subsequent release completing the integration with OpenDaylight.

Ultimately hyper-convergence has to be about the whole datacenter, not only storage and compute; it has to be about making intricate and complex infrastructures invisible to administrators and users – just like the cloud.


The screenshot above display information about the physical switches used by the host NICs to support traffic through the virtual NICs. The table at the top of the screen displays information about the switches, and the lower portion of the screen displays additional information when a switch is selected in the table. You can configure any number of switches but only the switches that are actually being used for virtual NIC traffic appear in this table. The picture below demonstrates the simple configuration screen.



Over the next couple releases Nutanix customers will start to see compute, storage and networking fabrics blending together with advanced control plane management. I certainly look forward t it; and the next release is just around the corner.


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    • peter on 06/20/2015 at 12:35 pm

    Why would they use a proprietary protocol like CDP instead of just base-lining with LLDP? That severely limits your ToR choices. Using LLDP would accomplish the same thing across multiple vendors.

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