New Nutanix Prism Central ‘Google Like’ Search Engine and Analytics

Search and analytics are taking the center stage when it comes to managing and monitoring modern datacenters; while analytics software drastically help to reduce human interaction. Web-scale infrastructures at large web companies have a 1:10,000 ratio for SRE per servers managed. Enterprises are currently at 1:500 ratio. There is a huge gap that only analytics and automation can fill. Combining deep analytics with powerful ‘Google Like’ search Nutanix can yield amazing results.

One-click Operational Insight – Prism’s advanced machine learning technology provides one-click insight for detailed infrastructure trend analysis and optimization to simplify routine operational tasks.


  • Capacity Behavior Trending:  Predictive analysis of capacity usage and trends based on workload behavior
  • Capacity Optimization Advisor: Infrastructure optimization recommendations to improve efficiency and performance
  • What-if Analysis: Intelligently analyze infrastructure needs to support new applications and business initiatives

[Video of a not final product]

Prism’s advanced heuristic engine provides rapid issue identification and resolution

  • Intelligent Root Cause Analysis: Analyze root cause and resolve infrastructure issues quickly
  • Service Impact Analysis: Automatic correlation of disparate alerts to identify impact on critical services
  • Remediation Advisor: Customized recommendations to address common Infrastructure issues
  • Configuration Drift Detection: Detection of system configuration drifts with corrective remediation suggestions
  • Proactive Alert Analysis: Proactive analysis and grouping/isolation of alerts to display fewer, more actionable alerts

Intuitive user experience with no learning curve

  • Instant Search: Integrated “Google-like” search experience to query and perform actions with a single click
  • Customizable Operations Dashboard: Visually rich dashboards that give at-a-glance summary of application and infrastructure state

Nutanix new search allow users to type keywords, entity names and restricted set of operators. Keywords will consist of entity properties, actions, workflows and certain words understood by the system. Based on keywords and entity names typed by the user, the search engine will narrow down the entity type or entity in question. The engine will try to understand the relationship between the words typed by the user and show relevant information. For example, if a user typed VM cpu, search will try to get information related to CPU utilization of vm’s. The results are then categorized and displayed to the user.


[Video of a not final product]


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