New Nutanix “Pin to SSD” Demo

As you probably have seen Nutanix recently announced during .NEXT conference a feature that will allow VM flash pinning even on hybrid nodes and cluster. This is not yet released, but when it is, it will allow VM’s and virtual disks to be pinned to the flash tier on a discrete basis. I also wrote about this new feature in more detail here.

This new VM Pinning feature will provide administrators with the ability to tell Nutanix clusters that a particular disk or virtual machine belong to a latency sensitive mission critical application and should never down migrate data blocks from SSD to cold tier to free up space in the SSD tier.

For the large majority of workloads existing in the enterprises today a Nutanix hybrid cluster + VM pinning will be more than enough to guarantee the required performance and SLAs event to the most demanding applications. All-Flash Nutanix clusters can still be used for extreme workloads where latency requirements do not allow for any data to hit the HDD tier.

This new feature works with any of the Nutanix supported hypervisors (vSphere, Hyper-V and Acropolis)


Enjoy the video demo and I’m sorry for the fast talking
[Watch in FullScreen 1080p]


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