Introducing Nutanix App Framework!

As part of the PRISM framework Nutanix will be launching an application framework and SDK that allow partners and developers to build their own PRISM applications using Nutanix infrastructure and VM collected datasets and/or third-party data via the use of APIs. Apps can be developed using JavaScript for the web front-end, but they can also have server-side components running on node.js or any scripting language such as python; or even other development frameworks.

The architecture is completely based on containers providing complete abstraction and segmentation between applications and core Nutanix code and datapath. Nutanix engineering is making containers really easy to be consumed by developers and by administrators, and I will soon be able to discuss a little bit more about that. The overall concept includes the ability to automatically download integrated applications from a Nutanix App library.

The types of applications that can be built to be included in the Nutanix App library are limitless, including 3D modeling, reporting, workflow, root cause analysis, alerting, and even games using the Nutanix dataset. Watch the videos below to understand the types of apps that can be built using the framework.


To prove that anyone can build something useful I put my coding skill in practice and built an app that provides API integration with Liquidware Labs to analyze and monitor the VDI user experience as measured by Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX. Have a look!


These are simple examples, but advanced workflow engines and integration with enterprise applications for data correlation is also possible. The Nutanix Prism app framework is still under development and has no definitive date to be generally available yet.


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