New blogger boarding

I am pleased to announce that is not anymore a blog of single owner and single writer.

As today Sean Kalahar is joining forces with me to try to provide good and reliable information (articles, news, tips and anything else that comes to our minds) on all fields of virtualization and cloud computing.

Sean is an IT veteran with over 12 years industry experience working as consultant for a wide range of organizations in diverse market segments. Sean yet holds MCSE, CCNA, and VCP certifications.

Sean, welcome onboard and we are all waiting for your knowledge sharing.


Find more about Sean in his LinkedIn profile and follow him on twitter @seankalahar

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  1. Congrats Shawn (and I’ve been following you for a while on twitter and have always paid a lot more attention to what you have to say than most. I am sure that the content that you churn out to feed the ‘machine’ that is this blog will be top-notch.

    South Florida’s top Managed Services Provider
    (if I don’t say so myself)

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