My VMWorld Teaser to You

Teaser = (Business / Marketing) a preliminary advertisement in a campaign that attracts attention by making people curious to know what product is being advertised


I cannot reveal everything before my session at VMWorld but if you have been following my recent blog posts and twitter feed this will probably not come as a big surprise to you.

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So here is the teaser…
Uh?! This one I already know… it’s vCenter Operations.
Well, pay attention and wait until you see what is happening under the covers!


Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 9.43.27 AM


If you want find more about it you should definitely attend the following two sessions:


EUC1351 – Directions in End-user Computing: The Post-PC Era

This session will feature VMware’s CTO for End User Computing discussing VMware’s vision for the future and the myriad of industry developments informing it. Multiple devices and application platforms, mobile devices, Bring Your Own Device initiatives, Cloud computing, and next generation applications are combining to profound effect. In this talk expect to hear about the latest EUC products including View and the upcoming Horizon Suite, DaaS, and other surprises including sneak peeks and demos of technologies percolating in VMware’s labs.


EUC1357 – Dispelling the Myths of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) with VMware View

VMware View 5.1 provides an ideal platform for delivering desktops as a managed service for enterprise customers of all sizes. What many customers and service providers don’t realize is that View can also provide the foundation for building a service offering for delivering desktops from the cloud. Service providers have been daunted by technology and licensing challenges towards building a viable service for many years, but no longer.


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