My VMworld Schedule and Recommendations

I finally completed bookings and arrangements for VMworld and I thought would be nice to share my schedule here. I honestly don’t expect to be able to attend all listed sessions but I’ll do my best.

One thing that I regret is not have signed up to sessions a while back. Some of the sessions I really would like to attend were Full already and I had to select alternative sessions. However, keep eyes on the schedule as VMware may open new sessions.

As learning new stuff is what drive us ahead I won’t be attending all EUC (End User Computing) sessions. I’m trying to diversify my focus a little bit. However, the EUC sessions I am attending I strongly recommend, either because of the topic or the presenters.


Sessions I recommend:

EUC2103 Storage Tips and Best Practices for VMware View Desktop Deployments

I know Jeff Whitman and Jim Yanik well and have also provided feedback on their presentation. If you are a technical professional deploying VDI solutions this sessions is a must go. These guys will cover many storage aspects in VDI deployments, including futures.


EUC2692 Rethinking Storage for Virtual Desktops

I have no idea what to expect from this panel, however having Chad Sakac (@sakacc), Vaughn Stewart, Mike Koponen and Travis Vigil paneling together is certainly a must Go session! I think we will all learn in this panel.


EUC1683 Lessons Learned Deploying and Managing 3000 Virtual Desktops

My good friend and VDI Jedi master Jeff O’Connor (@cloudpimps) will be presenting his real life experiences and frustrations deploying a 3000 seat VDI for Australian Securities Investments Commission. I recommend this session for anyone looking for the real deal.


EUC2846 View Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation Best Practices

John Dodge and Tommy Walker know everything about VDI and VMware View. From this sessions I would expect more than just best practices, but some hints of what is coming down the track. They are member of the Office of the CTO and have in-depth knowledge of the current and future architectures.


Start: 8:00 AM  VSP1682  VMware vSphere Clustering Q&A 
End: 9:00 AM 
Start: 9:30 AM    GD09  Network with Vyenkatesh Deshpande 
End: 10:30 AM 
Start: 11:30 AM    EUC2846  View Enterprise Architecture Design and Implementation Best Practices 
End: 12:30 PM 
Start: 1:00 PM    EUC2052  Desktops from the Cloud – Beware of Falling Objects 
End: 2:00 PM 
Start: 2:00 PM    EUC4080  Integrate “Social” into the Enterprise to Improve Productivity: Socialcast 
End: 3:00 PM 
Start: 3:00 PM    Paul Maritz keynote  Paul Maritz keynote 
End: 5:00 PM 
Start: 5:00 PM    Welcome Reception  Welcome Reception 
End: 7:00 PM 
Start: 8:30 PM    #CXIParty  #CXIParty 
End: 10:00 PM 
Start: 8:00 AM  Steve Herrod keynote  Steve Herrod keynote 
End: 10:00 AM 
Start: 10:00 AM    SUP1006  Accelerate the Journey to Your Cloud 
End: 11:00 AM 
Start: 12:00AM    EUC2103  Storage Tips and Best Practices for VMware View Desktop Deployments  
End: 1:00 PM 
Start: 1:30 PM    EUC3333  VMware View Backup Architecture and Best Practices 
End: 2:30 PM 
Start: 2:30 PM    SPO3977  Next-Generation Storage and Backup for Your Cloud 
End: 3:30 PM 
Start: 4:30 PM    EUC2045  VMware View plus Virtual Cloud Infrastructure: What’s New and Future Directions 
End: 5:30 PM 
Start: 5:30 PM    VSP2884  What’s New in Performance for VMware vSphere 5.0 
End: 6:30 PM 
Start: 7:00 PM    EMC Customer Party @ Surrender  EMC Customer Party @ Surrender 
End: 10:00 PM 
Start: 8:00 AM  VSP3067  Mythbusters Goes Virtual 
End: 9:00 AM 
Start: 9:30 AM    VSP2247  10Gb & FCoE Real World Design Considerations 
End: 10:30 AM 
Start: 11:30 AM    EUC2866  View Troubleshooting: Looking Under the Hood 
End: 12:30 PM 
Start: 12:30 PM    CIM1600  VMware vCloud Networking Finally Explained 
End: 1:30 PM 
Start: 2:30 PM    LAS4014  EMC Partner Hands-on Lab Design, Development and Implementation 
End: 3:30 PM 
Start: 4:00 PM    SPO3976  Real-World Big Data Use Cases Made Possible by Isilon OneFS Storage and VMware vSphere 
End: 5:00 PM 
Start: 5:00 PM    Hands On Lab  Hands On Lab 
End: 6:00 PM 
Start: 7:00 PM    VMworld Party  VMworld Party 
End: 10:00 PM 
Start: 8:00 AM  Raghu Raghuram keynote  Raghu Raghuram keynote 
End: 11:00 AM 
Start: 11:00 AM    EUC2692  Rethinking Storage for Virtual Desktops 
End: 12:00 PM 
Start: 12:30 PM    SEC1747  Desktop Security Zones with VMware View and vShield App: A Reference Architec… 
End: 1:30 PM 
Start: 1:30 PM    CIM2331  Considerations for Service Catalog Design When Using Self-Service Portals 
End: 2:30 PM 
Start: 2:30 PM    Hands On Lab  Hands On Lab 
End: 3:30 PM 

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