My VMworld 2013 Sessions and Comments


The VMworld 2013 Content Catalog is out now and speakers are starting to gear up for the conference, preparing their decks, demos and rehearsing their talks.

One thing that not many know is that VMware is offering a special speaker’s training for Non-VMware employees with selected sessions. So, as always, I expect sessions to have an even higher bar in terms of stage presence and presentation engagement.

This year I had two sessions accepted for both VMworld’s (San Francisco & Barcelona). I am also starting to gear up along with my co-presenters. Here are my sessions and comments on why you should attend.


EUC5145 – Enterprise Mobility Management: What is It We Need to Manage?

MDM, MAM, MIM, EMM – there is a whole new breed of acronyms out there, all telling you what to manage to keep your mobile users working effectively and securely. They can’t all be right. Join three industry experts to hear their views on this fast moving, overlapping and frustratingly contradictory space. Bloggers Jack Madden and Andre Leibovici are joined by VMware Sr. Director Mobile Work Solutions, Srinivas Krishnamurti, for an animated discussion on the important technologies now and in the future for supporting the growing mobile workforce. This timely panel discussion promises to enlighten, entertain, and educate all who dare to contemplate this developing area of IT.

This is a must go session for those interested in discussing the new mobile technologies and how they are affecting all of us, personally and professionally. This open panel should be lot’s of fun for the atendeed and for the panelists.


EUC5434 – Enterprise Architecture Design for VMware Horizon View 5.2

In this session you’ll learn deep technical insights of the VMware Horizon View™ 5.2 Reference Architecture – a validated virtual desktop solution for hosted virtual desktops. Horizon View introduced many new features such as Content-Based Read Cache (CBRC), SE Sparse disks, 10,000 desktops per vCenter Server, 3D Software and Hardware rendering– and more. In this session we will cover the caveats and recommended practices to put all this technology to work in your favor and improve end-use experience.

So many things have changed with the latest VMware Horizon View release; specially around system’s architecture. In this session John Dodge and I will explain how to architect and use many of these new features, and also uncover major pitfalls that should be avoided when architecting Horizon View solutions. I Highly recommend this session for Consultants and Architects involved with VMware Horizon View solutions. It will be like ‘drinking from the hose’.


I was planning to give my comments on few of the EUC sessions I judge most interesting. However, when I looked at the list of EUC sessions I was flabbergasted with the total number of sessions. So, I’m not doing that this year.


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