My VMworld 2012 Sessions – EUC ONLY

This year I have co-submitted two sessions to present at VMworld2012 and I ask you to support my sessions voting for them on the VMworld2012 website.


  • Designing VMware View Architectures with View Storage Accelerator
  • Dispelling the Myths of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) with VMware View



Below you will read the session abstracts, however I would like to leave you with some comments:


  • The 1st session: Daniel Beveridge is a master black belt engineer working with me in the Office of the CTO and was directly involved in many of the storage features available in VMware View. This will be definitely a technical session and you should expect to learn loads.


  • The 2ns session: David Stafford, also from the Office of the CTO, has been the active leader for the internal R&D DaaS efforts at VMware, and we have been working together on some face-melting stuff that we are planning to demonstrate on stage. Oh, yes, we love demos!!


Read more about the sessions below and vote for us!Sessions 1304 and 1357. Thank You.


VMworld2012 website


Designing VMware View Architectures with View Storage Accelerator
VMware View Storage Accelerator help address some of the performance bottlenecks that reduce the reliability and increase the storage costs for VDI installations. VMware View Storage Accelerator takes a scale-out approach to the VDI storage problem. This stands in contrast to the scale-up architectures of the storage vendors. Instead, VMware’s View Accelerator move I/O distribution of common blocks into the hypervisor, allowing scale-out of servers while constraining the need for high performance back-end storage. View Accelerator reduces the cost per IOP, allowing customers to get more out of their array-based storage systems. View Accelerator’s content based storage caching offers efficient I/O handling at a reduced cost, extending the life of legacy storage arrays while improving user experience.

VMware View Storage Accelerator provide a per-host RAM-Based caching solution to boost VDI performance. Using a content-based storage strategy, View Storage Accelerator reduces Read I/Os issued to the storage subsystem, reducing peak I/O loads associated with boot storms and extending the useful life of in-place arrays.

Technical Level        Advanced Technical


Dispelling the Myths of Desktops as a Service (DaaS) with VMware View
VMware View 5.1 provides an ideal platform for delivering desktops as a managed service for enterprise customers of all sizes. What many customers and service providers don’t realize is that View can also provide the foundation for building a service offering for delivering desktops from the cloud. Service providers have been daunted by technology and licensing challenges towards building a viable service for many years, but no longer.

Technical Level        Technical


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