My VCA4-DT experience

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take the VMware Certified Associate 4 exam (VCA4-DT). This exam is the foundation for the new VMware Desktop certification track. There are no pre-requirements in order to seat the exam. However, the VCA4-DT exam along with VCP4 are pre-requirements for the VCP4-DT exam.

Because I sat the VCA4-DT Beta exam I was provided with 100 questions and some additional time to comment the questions. The exam that has been made public last week has around 30-40 questions.

This is an exam with multiple-choice questions “a la VCP4” and they are essentially operational questions. You will need a kind of VMware View operational awareness that you can only gain administering a VMware View 4.6 environment on a daily basis, or if you play a lot in your lab.

Without scratching the NDA, these operational questions required you to have good understanding of the GUI to know exactly where in the menu structure you need to click to perform certain actions. Don’t worry to much because there are also question related to desktop design and other features in the VMware View suite.

Be prepared to know what options are available when certain types of Desktop Pools are selected, or what is the impact of using Floating Pools if you intend do deploy desktops in Local Mode. (Please note that these questions were not presented in my exam and they only illustrate the type of questions you may be presented with).

Also, this is a exam based on VMware View 4.6 and you should expect questions about configuring security servers with PCoIP gateway.

As I mentioned this is a very operational, almost task oriented, exam. If VMware is trying to identify professionals that know how to configure and operate VMware View, this exam is spot on. Surely there is the old debate about multiple-choice exams and where they actually measure the applicant’s knowledge given that questions can be easily mastered or crammed. I’ll leave that to you.

The VCAP4-DT is geared towards design of complex solutions using VMware View and is less operational. I also had the opportunity to seat the beta version of the exam, however I found it to be a mix of architectural design and operations. Perhaps by the time the exam is publicly available VMware will have that addressed.

I found both exams to be really fun and I actually enjoyed myself answering those questions. I passed the VCA4-DT and still waiting for the VCAP4-DT results.


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  1. Iā€™m a little bit confused are you waiting for the VCP4-DT or the VCAP4-DT results?

  2. Still waiting for my VCA results from the beta too šŸ™ You did need to have a photgraphic knowledge of the GUI rather then the concepts behind it , which I suspect I’d have done better on !

  3. @Eric Sloof
    You are right, it’s the VCP4-DT. LOL
    I will fix the post.
    I don’t think the VCAP4-DT Beta has been released yet.

  4. @Chris Dearden
    You should send an email to [email protected] and ask about your results.
    Fully agree on the knowledge of the GUI šŸ™‚

    • Kenny on 05/24/2011 at 3:10 pm

    Hello, can you tell me what study materials you used for the VCA4-DT ?
    None of the cert test websites have it…


  5. @Kenny
    I don’t think there is really a way to study for the VCA4-DT other than reading the View Administrator Guide and using the product. Many of the questions are relate to knowledge of the UI. Sorry If I can’t give you a better answer.

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