Much more for 2010 after vSphere-land voting results

Finally the results are announced!

The voting results for the pool conducted by Mr Eric Siebert from for the best blogs about virtualization has finally been published today and it is no news that Duncan Epping form Yellow Bricks, Chad Sakac from Virtual Geek and Scott Lowe from Scott Lowe would share the top 3 positions.

These three bloggers have produced an enormous amount of high quality content and definitely deserve to be there. I hope during 2010 they can keep up to the high standards they have set during 2009. I am sure it is not an easy task.

Also, congratulations to all other who somehow use their personal time to produce such rich content, most of the time for no financial compensation. We generally don’t know each other, perhaps via twitter, however we all know that we put our hearts and brains into these posts and articles.

I am also very happy that this very own blog “” made up to the position number 58. OK, it might not be as impressive as the other contenders; however the blog has not yet completed 5 months and is already featuring in the top 100 blogs.

My professional life has also been affected in a very positive way. People that I haven’t met yet know me and come to talk to me and ask questions about virtualization and cloud. My clients tell me that they frequently read the blog and are also subscribing to the RSS feeds. I have been offered jobs and my LinkedIn profile has hits like never before.

So, as I have read somewhere before…. blogging is good for your professional career.

The top blog full voting results is here

So, expect much more for 2010….

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