Mastering VDI Templates

A lot has been said and written about How to Create the Perfect VDI Template. In truth, there are some really great articles published about the subject, however I always found myself drifting from one article to another to get down to all recommendations or options available for my VDI templates.

So, I decided to use the common knowledge and collate those articles in a excel spreadsheet. Great! So then I decided to prioritise the items I consider most important. Lastly, I thought that would be good to have some explanation or links for each one of the items. And that is what I am sharing here with the community.


Off course this is a work-in-progress spreadsheet and any addition or comment is very welcome.

Thanks to all bloggers who produced the content for this collection of customisations for VDI Templates.

Windows XP Performance Guide for View from TCPDUMP
Building a great VDI ready Windows from GabesVirtualWorld
Creating a VDI Windows XP Template from Quest
Optimized XP Virtual Machine for VDI Template Checklist from VMETC
Creating a VDI template from Virtuall

Have Fun and a Happy New Year


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  1. Andrea, great initiative!

    When you mean a “VDI Template” are you referring to just a desktop image template? Or do you mean something like patterns for a VDI technology solution?

    I don’t think one can do either of these efficiently or effectively without a desktop services strategy which defines your service economics to drive the kind of desktops one will be providing.

    Take Amazon – how do they come up with the line items in their service catalogue? I’m pretty sure a techie didn’t think it up on their own and there are some kind of service economics behind it. I have started the ball rolling from an ITIL angle on ViewYonder:

    I guess what I’d love to see in this work is the economics behind any template – and not just a template, but their lifecycle, target markets and all the rest.

    I’m not suggesting _you_ do all of this (though I’d love it if you did!) but I’m sincerely interested in your view of this ITIL-ified approach?


    • on 12/28/2009 at 11:05 pm

    Steve, I could not agree more with you and our article.

    The idea was actually just to put the customization options together but perhaps WE should elaborate it a little more and add personalization, such as customer specifics and target market.

    I also foresee the possibility to add the average VDI cost on the infrastructure (I/O, CPU cycles etc.). This numbers are available to general public or can be gathered using load simulators.

    I’m not an ITIL Master either but the problem with service catalogues or CMDBs is that they are target specific; they need to be developed to a specific organization focusing how they operate. Please correct me if I am wrong!

    The spreadsheet is Open Source, ANYONE please feel free to make changes and improvements and I will merge, track changes and upload it again.


  2. Hi Andre,

    I updated my post to link back to your post.
    Great work you did!


    • on 12/29/2009 at 7:18 am

    Hi Gabrie,

    Thanks, much appreciated.


  3. Andre, there’s a massive gap / opportunity between ITIL and technologies like VDI. Somebody needs to fill it. Shall we?

    • on 12/30/2009 at 10:10 am


    When disabling Windows Time service make sure Host synchronization is enabled and ESX host has the correct time. If not, logon will fail with network time sync error.

    • Jakob Will on 01/07/2010 at 12:53 am

    Very nice work here. Great to see a complete doc with things to remember. 🙂

    But have anyone seen it on Windows 7? I know it’s still “Tech Preview” but still.

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