Made to top 25 on Top Blog 2012

Eric Siebert (vSphere-Land) published the results for best VMware/Virtualization blog election yesterday. My blog finished in 17th place, coming down from the 39th position last year.

On the category Favorite End User Computing Blog came 2nd, few points right behind Brian Madden. I consider this a major honor, and would like to thank everyone who voted for this one man blog.

The announcement was made during the the special vChat top blogger awards episode that was recorded with special guest John Troyer as David Davis, Simon Seagrave, and Eric Siebert counted up the top 25 winners with lots of commentary. “Guys, thanks for the nice comments”.

I will copy Duncan Epping from Yellow-Bricks (Blog Nº 1) – “all these bloggers are really approachable. If they present at a VMUG, if you see them walking around at VMworld / PEX / any other event don’t hesitate to step up and introduce yourself. Believe me, it is great to talk to readers and get feedback or just have a chat!”

Thank You!


    • Steve Lavoie on 03/03/2012 at 5:42 pm

    Congratulation, I am one of your fellow reader. Continue your good work!

  1. @Steve Lavoie
    Thank you for your readership and support. I really appreciate.

    Andre Leibovici

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