Aug 10 2010

Linked Cloning Storage Calculator

Linked Cloning technology and sizing has always been one of the VMware View design hot topics. Earlier this year I published the Sizing Storage for VMware View Linked Clones and the Real Life example of Storage Sizing for View Linked Clones guides. However, even after those articles I still receive requests to verify storage sizing calculations. Not that I mind to help, but I have decided to publish a simple calculator to make everyone’s life easier.

There  are few other calculators on the .net but I’m not certain they all dig down to the same detail level. This is a initial effort and I will improve it over time.


The calculator can be downloaded from”Linked Cloning Calculator”.

The Linked Cloning Calculator has been superseded by the Online Flash VDI Calculator.

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  1. Pagefiles and VDI. Not so simple. » myvirtualcloud.net

    […] When dealing with VMware View and virtual machines using Linked Cloning things start to get even more interesting. Because, by default, the pagefile is located on C:, every time Windows swap memory to disk the delta .vmdk is incremented consuming additional storage space. It is a good practice, even when using Linked Clones, to create a new .vmdk specific for Windows virtual memory. I have also tested using pagefile on UDD (User data Disk) and that is also works well even after the machine is provisioned. If you still have doubts about how linked cloning technology works look here, here and here. […]

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