Learning Path to VCP4

I am on my learning path to VCP4 and should soon seat for exam as Vue has released the exam to general public about a week ago. Of course I have been using VSpehere in my labs but I also have been running it in production environment. VSphere4 so far proved to be a steady product with few minor bugs to be fixed during the next minor releases. In my opinion one of the biggest drawbacks however is the incompativility with VMware’s VDI (VMware View) framework and other products. VMware is promissing to fix this yet this year, tho.

During my studies I found few diferent learning sources and posts and I would like to recomend the following:

The ultimate vSphere4 learning path: Videos, Webcasts, Podcasts, Free online classes and much more| The deep core of the phenomena.| HyperViZor by Hany Michael
VCP4 Resource Page by bunchc (??)
Lastly, Scott Lowe’s (@scott_lowe)new Mastering VMware vSphere 4 that can be purchased from Amazon.com Mastering VMware vSphere

Have Fun and Break a Leg

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