Launching VDI Calculator v2 with XenDesktop support

Approximately 10 days ago I launched the new revamped VDI calculator, now using Java Framework, and I am now introducing the Release 2.0 with full support to XenDesktop calculations for VDI environments running on atop VMware vSphere hypervizor. Why? Because most Citrix XenDesktop deployments run atop of the VMware hypervizor platform.

I would like to acknowledge the help of a number of community member, including Citrix employees, who helped me to make sure calculations and terms were correct during the Beta program. Thank you!

If you are not yet familiar with my new VDI Calculator click here or just launch it using the green button below.


What’s New!

  • XenDesktop support for deployments on VMware vSphere
  • Assigned and Pooled deployments
  • Personal vDisks
  • Several validations to make sure you are not going beyond the supported limits
  • Tooltips for both Horizon View and XenDesktop deployments
  • Reporting for XenDesktop deployments

Screen Shot 2013-06-16 at 9.59.13 AM

Not to forget important existing features since release 1.0

  • Offline Support – The new version will be able to run when disconnected from the network. When connected, it will auto-update itself with the latest release.
  • Load/Save – Now you can save and load your configurations eliminating repetitive task of entering the values every time you use the calculator. This is a great future for consultants that have to manage multiple projects for multiple customers.
  • It’s FREE!!! – Thanks to the sponsors this tool is absolutely FREE, even for the mobile version that will be soon released. If you are a vendor and is interested in having your Ad dynamically presented on the calculator just send an email to at [email protected]

What’s Next

  • Android support
  • Block Size and IO calculations for even better accuracy
  • Scale-out approaching using hyper-converged architectures
  • Server Profiles – you select the brand, and the calculator will spit out the model you should buy
  • Upload configuration to Cloud and be able to access it from anywhere
  • Add in version of vcenter/view/esxi for auto-fill on the max sizes
  • Drop down for some “canned” reference architectures (such as a 8-blade UCS chassis (HP, EMC, Netapp, IBM, Nutanix etc) and the usually set up for pools/Vms).
  • much more…

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    • xu on 06/17/2013 at 6:33 pm

    Since GFW is unable to access your web site in China, I will download, and upload them to a can make Chinese people visit the web site, don’t know is that ok?

  1. Xu, that will not solve the issue as there are features that rely on connectivity. I think your problem is not China not being able to access the website as you are able to write comments on the blog and read articles. It may be some sort of firewall in your organization.

    • xu on 06/18/2013 at 8:25 pm

    I use VPN, otherwise I can’t visit your website, you can use Google search GFW

  2. Xu, China is known for blocking wordpress blog. I could host a special version of the calculator in an IP address accessible from China. Would you have an hosting service in China to recommend?

    Also, would you be interested in translating the calculator to chinese? I can provide you with the language file.

    • xu on 06/20/2013 at 4:23 am

    In China, the server is needed for the record, not for the record can’t use, you can use the Japanese or the United States, Japan’s visit to China can be faster!
    Can help me translation!
    Recently launched a project to translate Chinese speed can’t guarantee!

    • Haytham Elkhoja on 06/20/2013 at 1:44 pm

    Andree, thanks for this. What about PVS vs MCS calculations?

  3. Haytham, as you know at this point the calculator is only targeting MCS. However, PVS is not much different. Imagine that you don’t have replicas or snapshots because they are streamed from the Provisioning Server. It’s possible to do the PVS calculations just ignoring few results provided by the current calculation. In saying all that, I do not have plans at this point in time to support PVS.

  4. Is there any updated version o this calculator please ?

  5. Yes, you can find the latest release at

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