Large View Deployment with vCenter Operations Manager PlugIn

During EMC World 2012 the Hands-On Labs about 20,000 VMs were created and destroyed. Each Hands-On Lab is an individual vCloud VApp instantiated on-demand and it contains the essential VMs for the Hands-On Lab. Additionally, each Hands-On Lab has a Windows 7 VM with View Agent that is manually added to a VMware View deployment to allow desktop brokering and PCoIP access.


Screen Shot 2012-06-09 at 7.26.34 PM


On top of that EMC used the new vCenter Operations Manager for VMware View to monitor the entire environment, including all in-guest PCoIP performance status. Whilst this may not be the largest VMware View deployment using vCenter Operations Manager, it is probably the most dynamic, – due to the Hands-On Lab lifecycle nature.

EMC vSpecialist Clint Kitson (@clintonskitson) sent me a video with vCenter Operations Manager for VMware View in action during EMC World. I  have shortened, made some edits and added a soundtrack. It’s pretty impressive.


I recommend watching this video in 720p HD and Large screen mode


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    Cant find the link to that video??

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