Joining EMC U.S. as vSpecialist

Sometimes opportunities knock in our door and if we are in the right moment in life to accept and take on such opportunities, we should do so with no regrets. I’ve previously moved from Brazil to Australia, and I have recently been presented with another exciting opportunity, this time in the U.S.

I have accepted an opportunity to join the EMC vSpecialist team, starting early May. The role is based in Santa Clara, CA where I am relocating with my family. I’m excited to have my debut at EMC World, which IMHO is very cool as I’m looking forward to the opportunity to meet my new work colleagues.


VMware has been a learning ground for me on a number of aspects. The people in this incredible company are some of the smartest and most innovative that I’ve met.


I’ve been fortunate to gain a 360 view of the IT industry while working as a Customer, as a Channel Partner and also as a Vendor. As it happens, I’ve been involved with End User Computing in all roles, which will continue to be a focus for me at EMC.


APAC Virtualisation Podcast – With me leaving the country, I could not find a better replacement than the 3 smart cookies; Alastair Cooke (@DemitasseNZ), Rodney Haywood (@Rodos) and Roman Tarnavski (@romant), that have already been running the podcast on their own. Thanks guys, for your continuous support and I will try to join the live show times at times, but rest assured I will be downloading every single podcast.


My Blogging – I expect to keep blogging with the same enthusiasm and focus on VDI related content, let’s see what shores this new boat will take me through.


My Book – It’s not a secret anymore that I have been writing a book about VDI with Jason Langone (@langonej). Jason has been into the book a lot more than me, but hopefully we will have it ready for VMworld’11.


Goodbye Sydney, Hello California


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  1. VMDoug

    Congrats Andrei!

  2. Angelo

    Enjoy the new opportunity!

  3. Dave Wakeman

    It’s been a please working with you Andre, it’s not often you meet such a genuine person with a real passion for what they do in the world and willing to share experiences. You are that kind of guy and I really hope you find the time to keep the blog and the passion going!

  4. Mike Holgate

    I have spearheaded the push to virtualization of our desktops in the company I work for and must say that I could not have done it without your knowledge that you so graciously share on your blog. I work near Sacramento, California so I look forward to having one of my vMentors working so close… 😉
    Gook luck in your new position!!

  5. bill

    Congrats sir. Welcome to the usa 🙂

  6. Andre Leibovici

    @Mike Holgate
    Thanks for your support. We should meet soon rather than later.

  7. Andre Leibovici

    @Dave Wakeman
    Thanks you very much for you kind words. I would like to let you now that I think the same of you. All the best and hope to see you soon in US.

  8. Andre Leibovici

    Thanks Doug, and thanks for your support to the APAC Roundtable Podcast.

  9. Andre Leibovici

    Thanks. Are you based in US? I hope we can meet soon.

  10. Andre Leibovici

    Thanks. Where are you based? I hope we can meet soon,

  11. Angelo

    Hi Andre,

    I am based in Canada – Toronto, Ontario – right downtown.

    If your ever in town, let me know – lunch or dinner is on me!

  12. PiroNet

    Congratulations Andre!

  13. VMMikeC

    Congrats Andre!! I hope you do continue to blog about VDI, as you mentioned. Your site has helped me tons on my VDI journey


  14. Andre Leibovici

    Thanks and let me know if you go to VMworld. BTW – Keep blogging as I always try to read your articles.

  15. Andre Leibovici

    Thanks. I’ll do my best to maintain the content and frequency. For the next few weeks I will be busy but then I should have a come back. Good to know I was able to help you.

  16. Marcelo

    Hey Andre, welcome to the vSpecialists Team!

    I’m based on Brazil. Come to say hello if you ever come back here.

  17. Andre Leibovici

    Thanks for the welcome! I surely will be back visiting Brasil sooner than later, all my relatives are in Sao Paulo. Would be nice to be back for some joint presentations and customer sessions with the team in Brasil. I foresee big business opportunities in Brasil for the coming years.

  18. Byron J. Watson


    Congratulations, champ! Glad to hear about you taking advantage of this opportunity!



  19. Fernando

    Parabéns cara, boa sorte em seu novo desafio !



  20. Andre Leibovici

    Valeu! Você vem para VMworld? Quem sabe podemos nos conhecer.

  21. Andre Leibovici

    @Byron J. Watson
    Thanks! All the bes for you in Australia.

  22. Fernando

    @Andre Leibovici
    Não dessa vez , infelizmente.

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