It turns out I was wrong. Nutanix already has a Java SDK!

It turns out I was wrong and the Nutanix engineering team has amazed me once again. Yesterday I wrote about my efforts in creating a Java SDK based on Nutanix REST API (Nutanix Java SDK for Open-Source Community).

After publishing post and making the source code available via GitHub a member of the engineering team reached out to me saying that Nutanix already had a Java SDK. I went – Where is it? Where is it? And he told me that its is already shipping with Nutanix.

It turns out that in NOS 4.0 there is a Download nCLI option that will download zip file containing the ncli.cmd and some extra .jar files under the lib folder. There you will find prism_sdk_rest.jar, the Nutanix Java SDK that uses PRISM APIs.


prism_api_download_cli                 prism_ncli_folder


I am now targeting the creation of an official documentation to help administrators and engineers to operate Nutanix clusters using Java automation. Keep tuned!

I have not  had the time to use the library, other than instantiate few objects, but I thought would be beneficial to share with people implementing automation on top of Nutanix. Since there is already a Java SDK I will re-focus my SDK work to deal with more complex integrations between Nutanix and other systems, like vSphere, SCVMM, Puppet, Backup tools, run-book automation tools etc.


Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.17.32 PM


…and soon I will also publish some code samples of how to use the existing Java PRISM SDK.


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