Is Datrium the Best Platform Ever for Oracle RAC?

Last week Datrium announced (here) a partnership with Oracle and the support for Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters). As part of the announcement, we stated that the main reasons for running RAC on Datrium are:


  1. Cloning, Snapshots, and Replication are fast and free, and this enables cloning of production databases for test/dev use,
  2. Mixed-use clusters, no silos: you can have your oracle DBs in the same cluster as your test/dev or any other workloads,
  3. Always-on inline erasure coding even for database in use: do not compromise data safety, and do not pay the penalty of 3-way replication as with HCI offerings,
  4. All data services are always-on, including compression – which means you save on software licensing costs when compared to 3rd party software for compressing your Oracle databases,
  5. Goes without saying: insane performance. Bring on those random writes, to the tune of 8GBps write throughput (while supplying 2-drive failure tolerance).


That is all good, but to make sure we are correct and give additional assurance to customers we contracted with Oracle specialist firm House of Brick to test our Oracle RAC solution and provide an independent verdict. It turns out we were not only right, but House of Brick found, even more, benefits, including saving $15,000 per processor in ASO licensing when utilizing the Datrium blanket encryption.

Check out their assessment of the Datrium DVX platform and also see the failure scenarios they have tested below.

Thinking About A Virtualized Platform For Your Oracle RAC Environment? It Doesn’t Have To Hurt!

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