Introducing the PCoIP Configuration Utility

Chuck Hisrtius @rexremus strikes back, launching the Beta version of the PCoIP Configuration Utility. I have been testing the utility for the last couple weeks and find it very useful.

PCoIP Configuration Utility allow users to create personalized PCoIP profiles and apply those profiles to the current PCoIP configuration. Users could eventually setup PCoIP to operate better in LAN or WAN environment; or mimic XenDesktop ICA compression.

Additionally, the tool allow users and administrator to monitor PCoIP performance in real-time while connected to the desktops (only View 5.0 supported).

Well done, Chuck!


Tray icon for Selecting Profile



PCoIP Profile Editor



Real-time PCoIP Stats



For more information and Free download go to Introducing the PCoIP Configuration Utility (beta)

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