Introducing the New VDI Calculator!

The wait is over… and you can now get access to my new VDI calculator clicking on the link below.

The new calculator is built on Java framework instead of Flash, and run on Windows and Mac computers. There will also be a version specifically built for Android devices that uses native device capabilities. The Android version is coming a bit later.

The new calculator has all the features available in the previous Flash version, plus new key features that will make life easier for many users.



* Java 6 or later required



  • Offline Support – The new version will be able to run when disconnected from the network. When connected, it will auto-update itself with the latest release.
  • Load/Save – Now you can save and load your configurations eliminating repetitive task of entering the values every time you use the calculator.  This is a great future for consultants that have to manage multiple projects for multiple customers.
  • Tool Tips – When you hover over a field or combo box you see an explanation what exactly that property will do.
  • Validations – Property validations have been added to reduce the number of possible errors. These validations include checking your numbers are within VMware’s supported numbers.
  • It’s FREE!!! – Thanks  to the sponsors  this tool is absolutely FREE, even for the mobile version that will be soon released. If you are a vendor and is interested in having your Ad dynamically presented on the calculator just send an email to at [email protected]

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 10.04.05 AM_1

What’s Next!!

  • Android support
  • Block Size and IO calculations for even better accuracy
  • Scale-out approaching using hyper-converged architectures
  • Server Profile – you select the brand and the calculator will spit out the model you should buy
  • Upload configuration to Cloud and be able to access it from anywhere
  • Add in version of vcenter/view/esxi for auto-fill on the max sizes
  • XenDesktop on vSphere
  • Drop down for some “canned” reference architectures (such as a 8-blade UCS chassis (HP, EMC, Netapp, IBM, Nutanix etc) and the usually set up for pools/Vms).
  • much more…


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    • Mulford on 06/13/2013 at 6:36 pm

    Nice ! this one is awesome.

    • xu on 06/16/2013 at 11:24 pm

    Is can not access your web site in China!
    Just looked at it and program is need to visit

  1. Interesting to know the website is not allowed in China. Why would that be?

  2. Hi Andre, Thanks for this wonderful tool, However do you have a tool which can provide sizing for pooled vdi and RDSH as well.


  3. @Piyush Not for RDSH, but Pooled VDI is the “non-persistent” option in the calculator. There are some nomenclatures divergences between VMware, Citrix and Microsoft solutions.

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