Interactive 3D Medical Imaging with PCoIP

Few weeks back I saw Scott Davis, CTO for End User Computing at VMware (@shd_9) demonstrating an interesting application that manages X-Rays and MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) using 3D technology over PCoIP. It wasn’t the first time I had seen PCoIP delivering lossless images, as this is one of the key attributes of Teradici’s protocol. However with this applications and the help of an iPad for the multi-gesturing this application becomes a very powerful tool for doctors to be able to remotely access their patients and make decisions.

I see that as a inital seed for amazing things that remoting technologies will be able to deliver to the Healthcare vertical for the next coming years.

I thought this was an excellent use case for the lossless capabilities of PCoIP and asked Scott to demonstrate that again in a video; which he kindly agreed.



Cool, isn’t?


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  1. d_

    All that money spent on medical grade displays, and now doctors want ipads.

  2. Andre Leibovici

    LOL. Also, be prepared for the Zero Client Touch Screen displays that will start to appear in the healthcare vertical.


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