How to Size Nutanix Capacity… the Unofficial Calculator!

A frequent question I get is related to Nutanix capacity sizing. Sizing Nutanix is not complicated and Steven Poitras did an excellent job explaining the process at The Nutanix Bible (here).

However, as the Nutanix cluster grows overtime and different HDD/SSD capacities are introduced, the calculation starts to get a little bit trickier; specially when the resiliency factor for containers are different.

One of Nutanix Sr. Product Managers, Avinash Shetty, created this awesome (unofficial) Nutanix capacity sizer that you can use to simulate RAW and Usable capacity based on SSD/HDD sizes and quantities, as well as based on the Replication Factor in use and the total number of nodes.

The calculator also provides you with the capacity allocated by Nutanix CVM to each component (Cassandra, OpLog, Content Cache, etc..) providing a detailed view of how your Nutanix cluster will look like from a capacity standpoint.



To access the calculator just go to


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    • Ralph on 10/21/2014 at 7:46 am

    I believe I have been a victim of this. I believe someone used your method and has taken control of my machine. I am able to install / reinstall kubuntu, but no other Linux flavor, and my bios has also been effected. I found a module to a 3g/4g huawei device, possibly for further remote control of my desktop. How can I remove this from my system, I am running a very up-to-date desktop with a gtx-780, so it would be feasible for someone to use my system. All my HDDs have had softraid5 installed on them. How do I get control back of my system. I am not blaiming you, but please help.

    • Ralph on 10/21/2014 at 7:49 am

    This was in response to your PCoIP -> Vmware article, I apologize

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